8 Disciplines of Excellent Front Desk Teams
When you visit dozens of health clubs and see thousands of comments and survey results from gym members at hundreds of clubs all over the world, you start to gather characteristics from top performing clubs into a picture of real excellence. From these observations and from teaching Customer Experience Excellence and Operational Customer Experience Management, I have come up with what I think defines the best of the best when it comes to front desk staff.
8 Disciplines:
  1. Greeting People
  2. Name Memorization
  3. Gaining Insight
  4. Offering Information
  5. Anticipating Need
  6. Solving Problems
  7. Making Introductions
  8. The Fond Farewell
These “8 Disciplines” (8D) can be taught. I call them Disciplines because I believe if you break any of them down you can be very disciplined about how you teach, coach and improve each. They become “Disciplines” when they are practiced every day. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all staff were practitioners of the 8D? I am on a mission to teach the 8D to as many staff members as possible. Beginning with my own clubs and then hopefully yours too.
When excellence is your goal, you MUST measure, manage, educate and coach. It’s hard work. Which is exactly why it differentiates you.