What’s the hottest new fitness product? It’s the Terra Core and everyone at Smart Fitness can’t wait to get their hands on it. It’s perfect for Group-X, Personal Training, Rehabilitation, or home use. It’s a bench. It’s a stepper. It’s the best surface ever devised for crunches and push-ups. It’s an air-filled, core-busting, balance-building, sweat machine.

Our partners over at Vicore Fitness have been masterminding innovative fitness products since 2011 and this is their best one yet. What makes the Terra Core so amazing? For us, it has to be the versatility. The education and programming possibilities are endless (we are an education company after all). We predict that the Terra Core will quickly become a staple for any Group-X, Small Group Training, and Personal Training environments due to its incredible utility and adaptability. The Terra Core boasts a robust air surface with fires up your nervous system, strengthens your core, improves balance, and straight up, just kicks your butt!

It also provides a level of comfort that you don’t get from other products. We all have seen someone dragging a mat over a hard step type product before planking or laying down for comfort. That hassle is GONE with the Terra Core!

Vicore-facebook-03Second, we love it for its shape. The base of the Terra Core is longer which means that whether you’re standing, sitting, kneeling or laying you body is always in neutral position. Your ankles are not torqued out to the side or your spine arched over a round surface. Again, offering massive training and programing possibilities.

Third, are the unique features of the Terra Core. It seems as though the brains over at Vicore have thought of it all. Located around the base of the unit are several band bridges. These bridges are designed to keep resistance bands in place by preventing them from sliding or pinching. The underside of the Terra Core can be fully utilized as well. It’s not just some flat surface for standing, but there are also two sets of integrated handles. These handles can be used for a wide variety of push, pull, and press movements. From push ups to log cleans the Terra Core can really do it all.

Finally, we love the guts and tenacity Vicore has shown in getting the Terra Core to the masses.

Vicore is launching its Terra Core on the crowd funding platform “Kickstarter.” Vicore has realized that crowd funding is the future of business. Crowd funding is doubling in size every year and is going to raise over $36 Billion for businesses this year. Kickstarter alone successfully launched over 22,000 projects last year and raised over half a billion for small businesses. Fun fact, the size and scope of your network determines the success in crowd funding. There isn’t a larger, more connected, active, and supportive crowd than the fitness industry. But did you know that on kickstarter there isn’t a fitness category? We need a fitness category. If our industry can realize the power of crowd funding we all win. It means we drive more and better facilities, better products, better tools, and better education. It makes our industry stronger as a whole. Check out the Terra Core and support Vicore’s campaign here: kickstarter.com/projects/vicorefitness/the-terra-core

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