By Hamed Hamad


Born and raised in New Jersey, Matt Jacobs and his siblings were no strangers to a life on-the- go and unwelcomed travel.  Ever since he can remember, Matt grew up in poverty and lived in over a dozen different homes before the age of 18.  Obviously, money was tight and being the eldest child, Matt helped lead the pack every time the family had to move.

For some children, moving from state to state can create a life of discovery and mystery, but for Matt it added to the lack of stability and control in his life.  He sought refuge in food and eventually tasted the wrath of bullies in middle school due to his weight gain.  As the bullying continued, Matt says, “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  At 14, he made it known that he wanted to become a personal trainer and that same year his father gifted him his first bench press kit.  Every time he picked up a weight, Matt knew what his destiny was.  Despite the dysfunction within his life, he never denies that the passion for activity was family-driven.

As soon as Matt graduated high school, he was on the quest to find his place in life.  He worked odd jobs in  retail, landscaping and even construction, but could no longer escape his true calling in the fitness industry.  At 23, he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child and they both vowed to leave the world of struggle behind by taking a leap of faith.  Matt was soon mentored by Robert DeVito who runs Innovation Fitness Solutions in Butler, NJ and within no time became head trainer and Athletic Director of Parisi Speed & Strength.

Today, Matt has become a pillar at IFS, which is a holistic health and wellness company that focuses on men and women over 40 who want to reclaim their lives and bodies through a progressive approach.  When asked about his method in training such a vast group, he says, “I wouldn’t be a professional if I endorsed the cookie cutter process.”  He individualizes each session and changes a routine based on the needs of that given person.  As much as he enjoys weights, Matt uses them sparingly with his clients at first, and instead focuses on body weight which he says is a necessity to master before going full force into weight training.

While Matt was at IFS, his mentor introduced him to Smart Fitness where he is now working on being a Certified Power Lifting Instructor and Yoga Instructor.  Matt says “I wanted to further my education, but had no idea what you can do with credits and continuing education.”  To him, being an “ever-evolving” student and taking lessons in life (good or bad) is the only way towards real progression.

Looking into the future, Matt wishes to continue working towards three major goals: help as many people as he can, support his family and be truly happy with everything that he does.  His bigger endeavor is to eventually run Innovative Fitness Solutions and be the best athletic trainer in the state.

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