By Hamed Hamad

When someone tells you “life is too short to be unhappy,” believe them.

Jennifer Rayfield is a prime example of what it means to make changes in order to lead a better life.  Although she grew up in a loving and supportive household, Jennifer steadily put on weight at her first job as a grocery store cashier at the age of 14.  The weight progressed into her adult years and eventually motherhood.  Just four years ago, Jennifer reached 210 lbs and had a challenging time being active in her 9-year-old son’s life.  He wanted to play, hike and skate, but mom could not keep up.

Luckily enough for Jennifer, her best friend was into weight lifting and gradually got her involved in Beachbody.  She was eventually introduced to Sagi Kalev’s Body Beast program and tried every drink, diet, and pill on the market.  Jennifer says, “I’d done so much cardio with no results! Finally, I was learning about lifting weights and eating right. I lifted heavy, ate a lot, and lost weight…60lbs to be exact!” 

As soon as the weight started to drop, people noticed Jennifer’s body transformation and were curious about how she did it.  Instead of telling them, she preferred to show them, and that is when Jennifer’s pursuit of a personal training career started.  Jennifer said, “I couldn’t see myself not helping other people get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.”

With no formal degree in health or fitness, Jennifer worked her way from the ground up.  She joined a local gym where she paid $200 a month and kept whatever she earned training.   Although it was a rough start to a career, that path made her appreciate the corporate side of training.  Within very little time, Jennifer managed two separate Anytime Fitness locations and stayed loyal to the company in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  While under the wings of Andy Gundlach, she received unconditional support and ongoing training to make her a better manager and trainer.  

Less than two and half years ago, Jennifer officially became a personal trainer and found that NCCPT was the right choice to share her journey with.  She was thrilled to find a reputable online company that allowed her to work and train at her own pace.  Currently, Jennifer enjoys training middle-aged women who struggle with motivation and need that extra push to get better.  She stays in contact with her clients by text or phone call and lets them know that she’s always there for them.

“NCCPT has been wonderful,” Jennifer excitedly asserts.  “They constantly offer new, exciting courses. Adele reaches out to me when there is something available that she thinks I’ll enjoy. It’s awesome to have someone that cares so much involved in my education!” 

Looking into the future, Jennifer’s main goal is to just teach her son to live a healthy lifestyle and help as many people as she can.  For more information on Jennifer, please visit the following:

Facebook: Jennifer Rayfield

Instagram: ThatFitJen


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