By Hamed Hamad

True beauty in life is usually seen more clearly when a path is open and unobscured. For some, it is the past that shapes and colors the future.

Helping his client get abs of steel.

Jeffery Armstrong grew up with family members in a humble home in El Dorado, Arkansas. Although eating habits were not the best and material luxuries were minimal, Jeffery’s vision for himself was larger than life. He grew up mesmerized by Michael Jordan and wanted to dunk like him. Jeffery says, “Everywhere I went, I would jump to touch things that were out of my reach. I was only 5’7” when I first dunked a basketball.” But instead of one day playing in the NBA, Jeffery ended up working one odd job after another. He enjoyed and mastered every job he held whether it was in the Army Reserves or as a corporate manager. However, no matter how many jobs he worked and learned along the way, he still desired to find a more fulfilling career.

After starting a workout regimen every day at 5am, Jeffery began posting pictures of himself on social media. Within no time, friends began reaching out to see if they could work out with him. With little time to waste, he diligently began a men’s fitness community group at his church and met with clients twice a week. Just a few doors down from that same church, Aspire Fitness were building a new facility and destiny seemed to be calling. After Jeffery and his pastor talked to members of the gym, Aspire Fitness welcomed him as a personal trainer.


In the midst of any successful journey, there will always be bumps along the road. In 2007, Jeffery was diagnosed with Lupus, which completely changed his life. After losing a cousin from the same condition and leaving four kids behind, Jeffery says his family was scared for him. “Once the doctor advised me of the symptoms, I realized I had been living with Lupus since the year 2000. The doctor told me what things to avoid so my symptoms would not get worse; like smoking and drinking alcohol. I wanted to make sure I did everything I could, to be around to see my kids grow up.”

After the diagnosis, Jeffery started to focus more on eating right and taking supplements for Lupus and thyroid. Every six months he visits a Rheumatologist to check his joints and any other issues he may have. Due to early detection and creating a healthy lifestyle, Jeffery says he lives a pretty normal life compared to most people with Lupus and wishes to improve the lives of others who have it. He is still dedicating his career to personal training and after leaving Aspire Fitness, he started A Strong Lyfestyle LLC outside of Denver, Colorado. There, he is able to accommodate all types of clientele, from athletes to individuals who have medical conditions like himself.

As clientele and growth is on the rise for Jeffery, so is his appreciation for Smart Fitness. He says, “The Smart Fitness setup is awesome. Since people learn differently, reading through a manual is not the best way for me to learn. Watching videos and taking a test work for me.” Looking into the future, Jeffery plans to get more certifications under his belt and focus on Muay Thai and nutrition. He also plans to complete his Spartan Trifecta later this year and possibly compete on TV one day. Jeffery thanks his wife Zhivonne and three kids Zephaniah, Jeffery II and Willow for giving him the inspiration to do what he loves and does best.


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