For many years, Club Fit in Jefferson Valley has been dubbed as “The Best of Westchester.” As for Smart Fitness, we believe Katie Schaeffler is one of the most inspiring Personal Trainers in all of New York!

Katie_1Katie grew up with a very active and involved childhood. Her parents were always active and health conscious, so they had a positive influence on her since a young age. Her mother cooked nutritious dinners for the entire family on a daily basis, allowing Katie to develop a palate for healthy foods from the start. Katie’s parents involved all their kids in sports and encouraged them to try anything that they wanted. She says, “I am thankful that I had, and still have, that support system in my life.”

Since the age of 5, Katie started out playing soccer and became involved in many other sports as she grew older. She ended up playing soccer, lacrosse and volleyball competitively up until her sophomore year in high school, which is when she decided to concentrate more on her academics and a gym-based regiment.

When Katie turned 13 that is when her passion and influence of personal training slowly began to manifest. That same year, Katie’s father had both of his knees replaced and worked with many physical therapists throughout his recovery, in turn inspiring her. She witnessed how much pain her father was in and the effort it took for him to walk normally. But it was due to the great team of physical therapists that her father’s quality of life increased and helped him walk pain free once again. From that point on, Katie says, “I knew that I wanted to help the way they helped my dad.” As soon as she enrolled in college, Katie started working as a personal trainer and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology, with the intent of going to graduate school for Physical Therapy.

As Katie started to win over fitness clients, she also won them over with her trust and dedication. Shortly after being awarded, “Rookie Trainer of the Year,” Katie continued to prove that her love for personal training was for the long run. She says, “I remind all of my clients that you can do anything that you put your mind to.” Katie enjoys introducing new fitness methods to her clients, by keeping their “workouts interesting and fun so that they want to keep coming back for more.”

And speaking of more, Katie earned an additional personal trainer certification through Smart Fitness. She says, “The Smart Fitness certification helped me review information that is important to personal training. It was fun studying and getting refreshed on material that we went over in school. The study materials were all very helpful.”

Katie_2As for what the future holds, Katie is just focused on being the best that she can be, by continuing to learn, grow and adhering to her life mantra; “Motivation, effort and consistency.”

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