There are no excuses to staying fit and Mandy Dougherty is our personal trainer of the month who stands behind that motto.

As a mother of three children, Mandy is adamant about keeping her body in tiptop shape. At a very young age, Mandy’s family rode bikes together and stayed active. Eating habits were fairly balanced and daily meals were standard. As a freshman in high school, Mandy joined the swim team, which was cut short the following year after she got pregnant. Mandy’s habits worsened and activity level plummeted, leading to a 40lb weight gain.

Mandy grew concerned not only about her health, but also about the future of her children who needed an active mother. With a good support group by her side, Mandy went back to swimming to help shed the weight and took up running. She says, “My older sister motivated me even if I was feeling lazy. She sparked that self-motivating drive I have today.” Mandy_2

After high school, Mandy fell back once again with the birth of two more kids, gaining 50 lbs. Now with three children in full need of her attention and care, it took Mandy almost a decade after high school to revamp her health once and for all. From calorie counting to rigorous runs, Mandy lost most of the weight she gained. She says, “I would yoyo between 10lbs until I met my boyfriend, who inspired me to start lifting weights and become stronger.”

Shortly after, Mandy was introduced to LiveFit by Jamie Eason which transformed the way she viewed and treated her body. It was a regimen that encompassed the best of exercise, eating habits and inspiration to live a balanced life.

Once Mandy’s health and overall wellbeing solidified, she was ready to enter the world of personal training. Upon working out at Fitness 1440 in Lebanon, Oregon six days a week, Mandy was approached by the gym manager and asked if she was interested in training other people. The rest was history.

Now, Mandy is a valued personal trainer at Fitness 1440, with a special emphasis on female clients who struggle with child birth weight gain just like she once did. Mandy also owes her success as a personal trainer to her experience with Smart Fitness. She says, “Smart Fitness has helped me increase my overall knowledge of fitness and health, and inspired me to want to learn more.”

Mandy says that all things are possible through hard work and positive energy, and above all things, “being consistent.” As for what the future holds, Mandy is proud of where she is at and plans to continue motivating and learning.

On behalf of Smart Fitness, we congratulate Mandy Dougherty on all her achievements, past, present and future.