By Hamed Hamad


“I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to look and train like a super hero.”


Ever since he was a kid, Robert Spears was always mesmerized with superheroes and hoped that one day he could become one. Surrounded by nature and all that it has to offer, Robert made use of his upbringing in Anchorage, Alaska. He played football, rugby, soccer and considered himself a rebel, compared to other kids. Instead of candy, fun and games, Robert preferred the clean life: healthy foods, physical activity and a vision to be big and strong. It got to the point where he says, “As a child, I didn’t even like the taste of most candy.”

By the time he entered high school, Robert started weight lifting and gradually built the life and body he always wanted. The consistent hard work and dedication got him to his current status. Standing at 6’2” and 197lb, with only 6% body fat, Robert achieved the real-life superhero physique.

Besides his upbringing and healthy habits, Robert also owes his success as a personal trainer to his experience as a manager. From his days as a Project Manager for the Biomedical Engineering Department in college to his Squad Leading experience in the army, Robert’s strong discipline and work ethic made him who he is today. As a manager, he says, “Even though you take full responsibility for your team’s actions and your own, you are still leading the group towards the goal you want them to achieve.”

As a manager, Robert learned that everyone works at a difference pace and has their own style. If someone is ill or simply unable to fulfill their duties, it is left to the manager to complete that given task. But he says, “Flexibility is key. You still try to be strict in a way that people still like you.”

Today, Robert is liked by many as a personal trainer and fitness consultant at Body Renew in Anchorage. With over two dozen of loyal clients, Robert thanks Smart Fitness for helping him achieve his current goals as a personal trainer. He considers the software and curriculum as a “Relaxed program that drives home the information. It’s visual and hands-on all at the same time.”

Currently, Robert is putting together a clothing line that “embodies the philosophy of what a superhero is all about,” he says. The collection will include shirts, hoodies, backpacks and other fitness gear for both men and women. For more information on Robert Spears or to connect with him personally, visit or


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