Born in the outskirts of Seattle, Washington, Rob Emmett grew up surrounded by sports. Both he and his brother stayed active year round, playing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and tennis. By the time he entered high school, Rob continued his love for sports by playing baseball and giving lessons at Gig Harbor Baseball & Sports Academy. Rob says he owes his love for baseball to his father, who was the first person to teach him the essentials of the sport.

After high school, Rob enlisted in the Marine Corps and served five years of active duty service and was honorably discharged as a Sergeant/E5 in 2011. There, he says, “I learned a lot about accountability and leadership.” Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Rob went back to school and became an EMT, working as a reserve firefighter for San Diego County for two years. Unfortunately, a leg injury put a halt to Rob’s career as an EMT, forcing him to find different ways to stay fit and healthy. Nowadays, Rob is staying physically active by going to the gym, hiking, and playing softball on his spare time. More importantly, his eating habits have always been good, veering away from fast food and junk food.

In addition to living a balanced life, personal training was always something Rob was interested in. He says, “I love spending time at the gym and being active and living a healthy lifestyle.” And just a few months ago, Rob became an official personal trainer through the Smart Fitness online personal training course and passing the certification test. He says that the material was easy to learn and made him more knowledgeable of fitness, exercise, and diet. More importantly, he asserts, “I still use it to go over the continuing education and as a tool to help me become a better personal trainer.”

Currently, Rob is finishing his bachelor’s degree at Cal State University in San Bernardino, California majoring in Sports Marketing. After graduating, he hopes to further his education and pursue a master’s degree in Sports Management or possibly go to law school to become a sports agent.

When he’s not studying, Rob is still a dedicated personal trainer at EoS Fitness to a wide range of clients, from young athletes to the elderly. He said, “As long as I am helping an individual in one way or another that’s all I care about. Nobody is in perfect shape, there are a lot people in really good shape, but as long as I taught something new to someone and it helped them improve their fitness or health a little bit, then I’ve done my job.”

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