By Hamed Hamad


“If there’s something that you want, don’t wait for it.” -Sam Lucania

Some things in life are easily attainable, and some things make you sweat to get them. For Sam Lucania, being a Fitness Manager at one of the largest Gold’s Gym locations on the east coast came with a price that he will never forget.

Raised in a nurturing home outside of New Jersey, Sam was an all-American kid from a loving family. However, once he got into high school, those years of nurturing couldn’t stop his descent into chaos and abuse.

Sam never associated himself with the “in-crowd,” nor did he ever quite find a sense of belonging in any group. Instead, alcohol and drugs took Sam to an unhealthy world of escape and nostalgia. And the more he abused his addiction, the better he became at hiding it.

Whether he was dating, working in an office, or simply existing as part of mainstream society, Sam left no traces behind that might have allowed anyone to assume that he had problems with substance abuse. He would drink after work, never confiding in his significant other about his problems, and he knew how to keep a straight face in the midst of his altered states. And no matter how much he wanted to be a personal trainer, that ambition was always kept on the back burner.

After a number of odd jobs, and while still an addict, Sam joined his friend in creating their own company, Carryout Coach, a food delivery service for restaurants that did not offer their own carryout. That was Sam’s very first managerial and entrepreneurial role, and it offered him a taste of what it was like to manage a staff. Sam enjoyed the feeling of running a small business, of people looking to him with questions and concerns that only he had the answers to. However, he also learned that running a business meant he was left with all the work that no one else could do. At the end of the day, that was his responsibility as a business owner.

Three years after its inception, Carryout Coach had to close due to the limited number of clients in the area. Sam then returned to his passion for personal training and applied for a front desk position at Gold’s Gym in Sterling, Virginia. He stayed there for less than two years, leaving on good terms. Unfortunately, his bad habits finally caught up with him. On January 18, 2013, Sam had an overdose and his wife found him on the floor, unconscious.

Sam spent six days in the hospital, and awoke to realize that he had to turn his life around. Within 30 days of that incident, Sam was welcomed back to Gold’s Gym, where he became an NCCPT Personal Trainer. And since then, he has stayed away from the trials and tribulations of substance abuse.

It has been a long road from Sam’s days in high school to his current career as a manager of almost two dozen trainers. When asked about the reason for his success and exultant journey, he says that he owes a lot of it to that wakeup call on January 18th. He also says, “Now, I stay in my lane. I do not venture out too much in the things I don’t do well in. Others fail because they take on too much too early and get involved in departments they have no business in.”

Looking back, Sam attributes his biggest success to Smart Fitness. As a person who was never too scholastic, Smart Fitness made it possible for him to reach his goal of becoming a personal trainer. He says, “Smart Fitness is a fantastic tool that should be mandatory. It is a very user-friendly way to keep up with industry standards.” He also attributes his success to knowing everyone he works with on a personal basis, yet always keeping it professional.

At times, Sam wonders how much more successful he could have been if it weren’t for the times he veered off his professional path. However, he also believes that if it weren’t for his past and for the support of his wife, he would not be where he is today.


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